Spring Bear Hunts in Quebec.

36 years of success and hundreds of happy hunters!

Where are we located?

Our base camp is located on the north shore of the huge Taureau reservoir, 15 miles north of St-Michel-des-Saints, 115 miles north of Montreal. Located on a pristine hunting territory, between 2 Provincial Parks, our camp is easily accessible by road, only a day's drive from New England and the northeast U.S.

Our hunts

We hunt mainly from comfortable tree-stands over baits, from around 4PM until dark. Your guide will drive you with a 4x4 or an ATV directly to your stand. The average shooting distance (for firearms) is between 40 and 70 yards, but we also have special tree-stands where the shooting is between 15 and 30 yards.

Most outfitters give you a tree-stand and that's it. With CanadAventure, your guide takes you each day where the bears are the most active. We carry thousands of pounds of meat, fish, bread ans molasses to attract our bears and although we constantly keep over 40 active spots baited, we will not take more than 4 hunters per week.

CanadAventure's bear hunt
Black Bear Hunts

Why we've maintained a success rate of over 85%, 35 out of the past 36 years:

  • We are in top quality bear country. Hundreds of square miles of mixed woods, spruce swamps and blueberry covered hills are the kingdom of the black bear.

  • We only skim the cream off our bear population. To ensure top quality hunting, we now take no more than 16 hunters per year.

  • Over 80% of the bears we harvest are adult males. When we find signs of sow with cubs, we close the hunting in that area and keep feeding them.

  • We are professional guides and when you book a hunt with us, we have only one goal in mind : to ensure you a safe, enjoyable and successful hunt.

2020 & 2021 hunting dates

We offer 8 day packages, from Sunday to Sunday, including 7 hunting days. Here are the dates for the next 2 seasons

Bear hunts in Quebec


May 17 to May 24
May 24 to May 31
May 31 to June 7
June 7 to June 14


May 16 to May 23
May 23 to May 30
May 30 to June 6
June 6 to June 13

7 ch. Julian S.
Mille-Isles, QC
Canada, J0R 1A0

Phone: (514) 951-2406

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